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Drop + OLKB Preonic Acute Keycaps — Compact Ortholinear Form Factor, PBT Dye-subliminated Keycaps in OEM Profile, for Cherry MX Switches and Clones (Acute Keycaps)?

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2nd Mar 2022

Iris rev5: all surface mount components like the controller and RGB underflow LEDs are pre-soldered, but you need to solder the switches and (optionally) per-key through-hole LEDs. It supports MX, Alps, and Kailh Choc switches, and it supports either two 1u keys or one 2u key for the thumb key.

Iris rev6: everything is pre-soldered, including Kailh hot swap sockets and per-key RGB. You do not need to solder anything. It only supports MX switches, and it only supports 1u thumb keys.

The Iris is pre-flashed with QMK firmware and VIA configurator support. You use the VIA configurator to change the keymap. It works on macOS. (Source: I use a Mac.)

In an ortholinear keycap set, all keys are 1u (the same size as a letter or number key).

Drop sells some ortholinear keycap sets like Drop + Matt3o MT3 /dev/tty (US$75) and Drop + MiTo XDA Canvas (US$75). You can buy Drop + OLKB Preonic Acute keycaps from Amazon (US$40). You can also buy DSA profile keycaps from Pimp My Keyboard (English alpha kit is US$65 and ortholinear text modifier kit is US$29).

This site has a list of ortholinear keycaps: https://www.tryorthokeys.com/keycaps

One important thing to consider is whether the keycap set includes all the keys you want to use. For example, I have = and - keys on my base layer. The /dev/tty kit includes those keys; the XDA canvas kit does not.

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20th Feb 2022

Keebio sells a number of pre-built keyboards. However, their Iris rev6 and Quefrency rev4 have hot swap sockets, so you can build them without soldering. You can save yourself money by assembling them yourself.

If you get a Quefrency, Sinc, or FoldKB, then almost any standard keycap set will work. You just need to watch out for the split space bars:

  • The Quefrency, Sinc, and KBO-5000 have a 2.25u left space and 2.75u right space.
  • The FoldKB has a 2u left space and 2.75u right space.

You can find compatible keycap sets if you look around. For example, CannonKeys sells compatible keycaps; NovelKeys sells keycap sets with 2.25u and 2.75u space bars; and Drop + RedSuns GMK Red Samurai offer 2.25u and 2.75u space bars in an add-on kit.

The Iris and Nyquist use all 1u keycaps. Drop sells some ortholinear keycap sets like Drop + Matt3o MT3 /dev/tty and Drop + MiTo XDA Canvas. You can buy Drop + OLKB Preonic Acute keycaps from Amazon. You can also buy DSA profile keycaps from Pimp My Keyboard (PMK). See this comment for color ideas.

Tip: double check to make sure the ortholinear kit includes all the keycaps you need. For example, XDA Canvas does not include = and - keycaps.

The Lily58 and Corne are very popular split keyboards. You can buy them from Boardsource. They are DIY keyboards, but they will solder all the parts for you for an additional US$75.

The Lily58 and Corne also use all 1u keycaps. The Corne LP uses Kailh Choc low profile switches, which have a different mounting stem and use different keycaps. Boardsource sells MBK keycaps, which are designed for Kailh Choc.

If you want a complete prebuilt keyboard that comes with switches and keycaps, look at the Dygma Raise, Mistel MD770, ZSA Moonlander, and ZSA ErgoDox EZ.

>Out of curiosity how difficult would it to setup the left half of a split keyboard so that i didn’t have to use the other half but just use a mouse instead?

You can do this. Just don’t plug in the right side.

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28th Oct 2021

Can you not get the Drop keycaps from amazon? https://www.amazon.com/Drop-OLKB-Preonic-Acute-Keycaps/dp/B08L3X6MDM/

Sorry not sure how shipping works for you.

I’ve used these before and they’re quite acceptable, though top printed:

Found these dye subbed PBT but with uniform SA profile: https://pimpmykeyboard.com/sa-ice-cap-keyset-sublimated/

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20th Apr 2021

I think a safe cheap option is the drop acute keycaps that they make for their preonic: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L3X6MDM

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5th Dec 2020

Here are two fairly cheap ortho keycap sets:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L3X6MDM/ ($40)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JKTQJQ7/ ($22)

The first is the set the Drop Planck usually comes with. I have a set of them and I think they’re decent. The second is a cheap knockoff of Carbon in OEM profile. I have a set of those as well, and they’re not as high quality but they’re still decent. You can find a cheap set of SA-profile keycaps on Amazon or Aliexpress, too, although you might have to get creative with the layout.

As for switches, it would help if you had any ideas as to whether you’d prefer tactile or linear and clicky or not. I personally like Kailh Speed Coppers, although they’re not really silent (a lot quieter than Cherry Blues, though!)