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Drop + Matt3o MT3 /dev/tty Keycap Set for Full-Size Keyboards – Compatible with Cherry MX Switches and Clones (1800 Layout 122-Key Kit)?

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5th Jun 2021

I think I made a dumb noob mistake. I’ve had a Keychron K2 for a year now and love it, my first mech. Wanted new keycaps, found these on amazon


Got them yesterday and they dont fit at all on the K2. So I guess my question is, what info am I missing? What keyboard do I need to make them work? Guess its an excuse to buy another keyboard!

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24th Feb 2021

I think I found what I’m looking for. I’ve been wanting a full keyboard, but I love that classic IBM look. I also want it to be wireless/bluetooth since I switch between a macbook (work) and pc (personal). Currently, switching the wire is annoying and it looks messy. I wanna go wireless!

I’m thinking about getting the Drop + Matt3o MT3 keycaps, and purchasing iKBC W210 with red switches. I’m pretty sure these caps are compatible with that keyboard, right? Next, iKBC = good brand? Some searches bring up older posts and they seem to be good. Just wanted to confirm.




I’m open to other suggestions for a keyboard if the iKBC isn’t good. I want it to be white or grey, full, and wireless/bluetooth. Thanks!

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4th Sep 2020

If not avail from Drop directly it looks like you can just order it through amazon – https://www.amazon.com/DROP-Matt3o-Keycap-Tenkeyless-Keyboards/dp/B081DDDK4H/

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1st Jun 2020


These puppies from Drop. I bought off Amazon though. I did have to pick up an Frow from someone else, unless you buy more kits.