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DREVO Tyrfing V2 Customizable RGB Compact 87 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Tenkeyless Programming Macro Media Control Software Support Outemu Red Switch Black?

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29th Dec 2021

I used a tyrfing v2 for a couple years after I gave my custom to my nephew. Put some pudding keycaps and lubed the stabilizers and it did me great. Its RBG, TKL, but non hotswap.

Probably my pick if the only thing I was gonna do is change keycaps, I’m back on the enthusiast train now though.


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7th Oct 2020

Drevo also has the Tyrfing V2, which has hotswap switches. Only thing is, since it’s tooled for Outemu’s, you want to stick with Outemu so you don’t have to file down pins… But if you do, you can fit just about any other switch on the board.

They do have a lot of choices though:

  • Outemu Brown
  • Outemu Blue
  • Outemu Red
  • Outemu Black
  • Outemu Ice Silver
  • Outemu ICE Light Purple
  • Outemu ICE Dustproof Brown
  • Outemu ICE Dark Purple
  • Outemu ICE Grey
  • Outemu ICE Blue
  • Outemu ICE Teal


edit: Outemu may have even more switches now than this list shows. I am seeing “Phoenix” switches now too.

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29th Jan 2020

didnt put a keyboard because i know next to nothing about them and the keyboard I have is a Drevo Tyrfing v2 which isnt on pcpp, but its about 50 bucks on amazon. heres a link



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18th Aug 2019

What do you think of this?


I’ve also been looking at the Drevo BladeMaster TE if you’ve got any advice on that.