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DREVO Joyeuse 96 Key Ultra Thin Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Wired/Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Aluminium Alloy White LED Backlit Low Profile Blue Switch, White?

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13th Jul 2018

My ex gf wants a new keyboard for work. I pleaded with her but she stated a budget of $50. I can’t convince her to spend what I did on my board so she can get something real nice, so please don’t suggest anything above $80. I’m going to add $20-30 in with her $50 so she can get something better. Maybe I could throw $40 in to do a $90 board if there’s something that is just a crazy deal or something.

What is the best wireless board in that price range? It doesn’t have to be wireless but it’s a huge want for her.

I have been interested in this one for some time but it’s been out of stock every time I look at it, ever since I heard about it like a year and a half ago…

Anything else like this one out there? The backlight would be nice. She doesn’t need anything programmable, white with pink backlight option would be good for her, or something in light blue or turquoise would be nice if anything exists within her budget and the wireless constraint.

Feel free to suggest wired options too, if she can get a lot better board if it’s wired I can get her a wired one no problem

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25th Mar 2018

Not to my knowledge. Closest thing I could find was this.