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DREVO Gramr 84 Key Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB Wired 75% TKL Keyboard Brown Switch, Black?

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15th Apr 2020

$39.99 on Amazon

You could get that board and a nice set of keycaps for well under $100.

And you’re gonna want to swap out the keycaps.

If you like the normal standard keycap shape and size, TaiHao makes cheap and good keycaps in a ton of cool colorways.
Check out the keycap section of mechanicalkeyboards.com
Dude ships SUPER FAST, too.

If you want something thicker, and chunkier, like you see in peoples fancy keyboard pictures, theres cheap options too. Just search Amazon for “SA keycaps” or “DSA keycaps”.

Finally, regarding keycaps, is what I feel is the best kept secret in the hobby. keyclack.com sells genuine Maxkeys 127 key, doubleshot PBT SA keycaps in three basic colors for only $55. Thats insane. a full set of SA keycaps is usually in the $199 range. I’ve bought every set the dude stocks. The two color sets are $55 and he also has two other 3-color sets and those are $70.

Its not uncommon for the keycaps to cost more than the keyboard.

Good luck!

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16th Nov 2020

For $39 just grab something like the Drevo Gramr 84 off Amazon. It’s a decent 75% keyboard (I own one myself) for the price with Outemu Browns.