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DREVO Excalibur 84-Key Cherry MX Switch Full Metal Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red Switch with Specially Coated Keycaps Black Edition?

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28th Jul 2019

>Thinking about getting one due to the F1 to F12 keys being straight above the number row on most of them


When I read that, it sounds like you want the function keys to be ortholinear with the number row of your keyboard. So DREVO Excalibur 84-key sounds like something you’d want.



I personally recommend Vortex Race 3 75%, as it comes with DSA PBT keys that feel very nice (& generally considered higher-end by the mech keyboard community), and you can actually reprogram almost all of the keys (like the ESC key) to prevent misclicks as you mentioned. The function keys are staggered though (not ortholinear), so if you feel like you can put some hours in to develop muscle memory & if you don’t mind paying a bit for it, I definitely recommend the Race 3 (I recommend finding used version (I found a “Like New” before for about $130, Cherry MX red silent on Amazon last month)


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6th Jun 2019

I’m looking for a 75% keyboard identical to the Drevo Excalibur but with RGB backlighting instead of plain white.

It needs to have red switches.