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DREVO Excalibur 84-Key Cherry MX Switch Full Metal Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown Switch with Specially Coated Keycaps Black Edition?

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3rd Nov 2019

$60 is super high. It should be $35-40 on Amazon US. Where are you located?

Just the usual downsides of a budget board. Outemu switches (arguably not quite as good as gateron’s, Kailh’s, or Cherry’s), abs keycaps which will get shiny over time. Otherwise nothing I know of.

Also i just remembered Drevo makes the Excalibur which is basically the same thing as the Gramr, but with a metal body and cherry switches if you’re willing to spend twice as much as the Gramr.

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16th Sep 2017


amazon is your best bet if you want the excalibur, but note the black case version is the only one to come with cherry switches.
so it costs more then the silver that comes with drevo brand switches

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5th Jun 2017

The Drevo Excalibur is available on UK Amazon. It comes with Cherry MX switches in Black, Blue, Brown and Red. The case is aluminum and it comes with white LED backlighting.


Here’s an in-depth review by Taekeyboards:


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12th Aug 2019

Looked for like 30 seconds on amazon and found this