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DREVO Calibur V2 PRO Bluetooth5.0 Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Detachable USB-C Cable, Compatible with PC/Mac, 71-Key Compact IT Layout (Outemu Brown, Black)?

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30th Oct 2020

I’m in Italy, and was looking to buy my first budget (not really an option here, budget 70€ or similar..) wireless mechanical keyboard. I read good reviews about the Drevo Calibur v2, but when searching for it on amazon actually two version of it comes up, the V2 and the V2 PRO.




Now, I can’t really find a difference between the two, and on the web I could only find info about the V2 PRO. Can someone tell me if there are any differences or what’s going on here? There’s a 14€ difference even if I configure them both with outemu brown.

Thanks in advance!