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DREVO BladeMaster TE 87K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + 35 PBT Keycaps (RGB Blue Switch, US Layout)?

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24th Nov 2018

In keeping with DREVO, they have the BladeMaster TE that’s out now. It’s a great board according to reviews. I was a backer on KickStarter for it, and am awaiting my PRO version, so I can’t give a first hand account for it.

They use GATERON switches on the TE version, but from what I am reading and seeing on YouTube, they feel like Cherry switches.


If has full RGB under the keys, as well as an accent bar that wraps around the whole board.

Here’s the board on Amazon with the blue switches:


Though it does not come in white (yet), the keys can always be swapped out for white caps. If he has a white board now that has MX-style switches, he might be able to just swap the caps over (as long as they have the same profile).


Happy hunting!