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DREVO 84-Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard with Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switch, Black?

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24th Apr 2019

Then the final price will indeed be similar, but with Ali the trustworthiness is a bit harder to define because it differs from seller to seller.


Something you could also consider is the Drevo 84 that you can pick up for 30 pounds (excluding shipping) at Amazon UK (I’m not sure if they ship to Eastern Europe though?). It uses Outemu switches though. I don’t think ‘real’ Cherry switches are that much better, but some people do.

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24th Sep 2018

If you like compactness check out 75% ,65% and 60% (compact with dedicated arrows)

Race3, maybe a tada68(if you don’t need f-row),

other options for 75% include: drevo gramr84, drevo Excalibur, vortex tab75, vortex race 3, keycool 84 (type “84 keyboard” in Amazon for more)

Weird 68-70% layout: drevo calibur

65% options: magicforc 68, tada68, vortex cypher (type “68 keyboard” in Amazon for more)

60% with arrow: gk64, xd64, Anne pro 2 (not dedicated arrow but has a new tap feature that might be worth looking into)

I know I’m missing some in some of these categories, but some good reference points.

Gramr 84 is pretty cheap (35usd) and decent, the Excalibur is just a more premium case over the gramr84(same PCB) but the black Excalibur used cherry switches while the white Excalibur and gramr84 use outemu switches

Drevo boards are a little scarse one Amazon, their store is www.armyourdesk.com

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6th Jul 2018

This next purchase will be my second mechanical keyboard, not really enjoying my experience with the red switch Drevo Gramr, it’s just a bit too small for my liking.

I’m looking to try another TKL but with brown switches (want something quieter while still good for gaming and programing), and would ideally like RGB, but if I can’t find a great product with rgb at a decent price, I’ll settle for just backlit keys. Does anybody have any recommendations for sub $100 keyboards that fit this criteria? Currently finding that the Cooler Master Pro S RGB is fitting my criteria but just a bit more expensive than I would like.

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19th Oct 2017

You can get the DREVO Gramr for close to that price, it’s a pretty good starter board.