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Drawing Tablet, XP-PEN DECO-01 Graphics Tablet with Battery Free 8192 Level Sensitivity Pen Stylus, 8 Express Keys for Adobe PS, AI, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp on Windows Mac?

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4th Nov 2019

I would buy a mid range one, don’t go for the extremely cheap ones. My laptop has a smaller amount of storage but a vega graphics card. It honestly shouldn’t be in issue unless she wants to run multiple programmes at once while on a drawing app. And some drawing apps are a bit more demanding than others, I had an older laptop and photoshop would constantly freeze or crash, but gimp was completely fine. I recently bought a cheaper drawing pad for around £50 off of amazon and I love it, 8 hotkeys and I’m pretty sure it is compatible with Windows and mac (you’ll need to check what version). But this was by far the best one I found, over 8000 levels of pen pressure, free pen, pen stand, replacement pen tips, and a drawing glove free with the package. It also has a 10″x6.25″ work area so definitely one of the larger ones I’ve seen, it is also so light and easy to install, I love it! Came next day for delivery, and I’m happy because it is a well known brand “Xp-Pen” compared to the cheaper stuff you can find on amazon. And when she’s saved up some money then buy her one with a screen as these are just sensors connecting to the pc, though screens are quite expensive, mine was around $450 off of amazon, also an Xp Pen brand and is pretty nice. So I recommend this one! This one also runs with free programmes such as Gimp, and Krita, but you gotta be careful as some don’t and you’ll be forking out a hefty price for another editor.