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Drakken Technologies Prothero Spektrum, Hot-Swap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Programmable With 16.8 Million Colors, Full 110 Key Anti-Ghosting (Kailh Black)?

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13th Apr 2018

Frame is plastic composite with rubber-oil coating. The inside is reinforced with a steel substrate so the circuit board is completely protected. It uses Kailh or Cherry MX switches and it’s fully modular so you can switch them out with a basic tool that’s included. Cherry MX switches commonly have LED sockets that are too small though so those will work but won’t fasten all the way. If you would like more information, I have all other details here

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16th Oct 2020

So I’m looking at the Drakken Technologies Prothero Spectrum. I’m wondering if the board has holes for switches with fixing pins (such as Novelkeys Cream). The GMMK I currently use lacks these holes, which is rather irritating and probably my only major complaint with the board. I would be very interested in getting a hot-swap keyboard that was compatible with these switches and which has the other features the Drakken board has (USB pass-through, volume wheel, etc.). I can’t find any pictures of the keyboard without the switches to see if it has holes to accept fixing pins. I was wondering if anyone knows.

Link to keyboard on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Drakken-Technologies-Mechanical-Programmable-Anti-Ghosting/dp/B073VDD6PT?th=1

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23rd Sep 2018

As HerpDerpenberg said hotswap is the way to go. You can try out different switches and also replace any damaged ones without the need to take apart the keyboard or solder.

GMMK Amazon / Main Site

Both are modular full size and good starting points.
GMMK is more popular and has a better case and much more options when buying but the drakken is cheaper.

RedDragon also makes great starter keyboards at low prices if you just want to try a mechanical without investing much. ~~The downside is you are stuck with the switches that come on it unless you want to solder.~~
EDIT: Some redragon keyboards do come with hotswap. It’s worth noting they are only compatible with outemu switches though.