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Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid Serum, 5.07 Ounce/150ml?

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14th Aug 2015

Oh man! That was meeeeeeeee! I’m so insanely flattered and blown away.

If it helps at all, I got the Dr. Jart Ceramidin from Amazon for $27 though it seems to have gone up since then the Beauty Water from Soko Glam for $30 and the Tosowoong Propolis from eBay for $23.

*edited to add: the downvote fairies are out tonight! Can’t really imagine why acknowledging myself as the OP of the post this is referring to would merit a downvote or 3. Oh well

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8th May 2018

pixi nourshing balm oil cleanser Take off with warm baby wash cloth (microfiber, 10 pk $5 walmart)
botanical all bright 3-in-1 micellar cleansing solution$6.99 Walgreens. Works better than Garnier pink cap, gets everything off in one swipe, it’s amazing. Seriously. And moisturizing.
la Roche posay toleraine purifying foaming face wash helps clear out the gunk, great ph neutral and helps dehydrated skin. Both my SO and I used this and were amazed what it did to our skin in 2 weeks time.
– cosrx 96 snail mucin (hydrating HA type serum)
dr. jart ceramedin liquid a very moisturizing “toner” in a sense, it helps repair the moisture barrier and i love how my skin looks when i use this stuff. I also use it on wounds to help them heal faster.
hada labo premium solution and hada labo premium milky lotion 2 step system. Use this for very dry days.
drunk elephant frambroos serum will wake up with brand new skin everyday
dr jart ceramidin cream As an all over layer once your done with these.
dr Dennis gross alpha beta exfoliating moisturizer a wonderful emollient moisturizer that wakes you up with brand new skin, think of it as a more moisturizer DE frambroos, that you can use on the days you don’t use DE frambroos to get moisture and exfoliating and plumping properties. It’s wonderful.
ole Hendrickson banana bright eye cream wonderfully hydrating and also brightening under makeup as well, but can still be used at night. Plumps fine lines.
organic jojoba oil dab over face and around eyes, over eyelashes, eyebrows. Jojoba oil soaks into the epidermis bc it is the same size if not smaller than our pore size (compared to all these other oils like rose hip, squalene, Marula, etc)
– organic grapeseed oil, one of the highest in oleic and linoleic acid, resveratol, omega 3, omega 6, vitamin E. Don’t use too much. jojoba, grapeseed, emu oil are my favorite. Emu helps anything put over or under cross the phosopholipid barrier and cross deeper into the epidermis.
– lock everything in with Cera ve ointment.
la Roche posay double repair moisturizer UV SPF 30 Use this as a daily spf, it helps dehydrated skin.

things to have in your arsenol
stratia liquid gold a combo of niacin amide, cholesterol, other important ingredients in the right combo that can be added to your routine without going through the ordinary mindfuck.
Niod flavonne mud mask a detox, purifying, protective, and responsive face mask. One of the few masks to actually have.
sand & sky Australian pink sand mask Just do it. Have this in your kit because it Detoxes your skin and makes it look like brand new baby skin with small pores.
biologique recherche mask Viviant You won’t be able to get this, but eventually hopefully down the road in your skincare journey you will understand why I am recommending this. One of the best in the world.
Aztec secret healing clay a good clay mask that is multi-purpose. Can sprinkle in your bath with some epsom salt with a very, very detoxing bath. Or with a packet of aveeno (or off brand) colloidal oatmeal packs for calming, soothing yet detoxing bath.
taste knockout tingling treatment You want to see your pores disappear and your skin stay nice and balanced? Use this the night before. It’s pure magic. I’ve never used biologique recherche pm1970 but I can only imagine this is the closest it comes.
biologique recherche p50 pigm400 regulates melanin productions, evens and brightens skin.
melazepam 20% I personally am eventually going to try this, it’s iffy to recommend this because I haven’t tried it…. but it’s definitely on my list…. for an even and brighter complexion. I’ve tried The Ordinary 7% azelic acid and that was cool but not much of a difference. This seems like you would actually see a significant difference. I personally use retin A and have for 16 years now, nothing would work as good (none of these products) without my retin a. Pore size would not be what it is today without it. Melazepam=Azaelic acid or whatever. It prevents re-keratinization, is an anti microbial, anti-inflammatory, and some other shit. This plus retin A are like a golden combo. Def on my amazon wish list.
– the ordinary 30% aha bha acid peel or whatever. One of the only TO products actually worth owning in my opinion. The rest are a clusterfuck that crowd up your sink and look cool. But only serve one individual purpose. Usually a mild one at that. By that way, watch that caffeine solution bc that can be very very drying. It can help with mild puffiness but lymphatic massage helps more to drain the fluid and all together help the cause, versus a solution that is going to dry out your skin in the end all.

That’s all I’ve got. Obviously this is not a go out and buy all these products at once, but I do believe that every single product on this list would help your skin. The major ones being tarte knockout treatment, sand and sky mask, la Roche posay toleraine purifying foaming face wash, pixi nourshing cleansing balm, botanicals 3-1 micellar water, cosrx snail mucin, dr jart ceramidin serum, and the dr Dennis gross exfoliating lotion. Frambroos is magical too. Gosh. Just everything here. But those specifically are my hard hitters. If I had to go buy something right now to try and see results, it’d be tarte knockout tingling treatment. The results on resurfacing are amazing. Buy that and jojoba oil, it’s moisturizing, just pat it in. Cera Ve makes a big difference in occluding your products and really making them soak the fuck in,.

I say this because I had skin just like yours about 3 months ago and I wasted my money on all these “HG” products everyone talked about, and they were pure shit. Find what YOUR skin likes girl,. And don’t go balls out all at once. Try one thing and see how your skin reacts, then start introducing like products. Don’t be afraid to return products to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Sephora, Ulta. EVERYWHERE. Keep your receipts. Every. Single. One.