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[Dr.FORHAIR] Folligen Shampoo (500 ml/16.9 fl.oz) for Relieving Hair Loss, Hair Loss Prevention [Paraben FREE, Silicone FREE, Sulfate FREE]?

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5th Jun 2020

I’m currently liking Folligen Shampoo by Dr.Forhair. It’s made by a Korean company that runs a scalp care and hair transplant center. It has great ingredients (niacinamide, panthenol, zinc pyrithione) and sulfate free but has good lather. However, the scent is quite strong.

Some spots on my scalp were tender to touch (like bruises) but doctor found nothing. I suspected dermatitis or something but no. I used this for two weeks and the tender spots were gone. I have AGA with no major shedding and this shampoo didn’t make me lose more.

Prior to this i use Olaplex shampoo. I liked it but I’m looking for something with better ingredients that benefit scalp health.

I’m not sure where you’re from but here’s a link from Amazon:

I’m from Malaysia and can only find info from Malaysia’s website if you’d like to know about it:

Hope this helps.