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DORUOD 104 Keys PBT Sublimation Keycaps, Cherry Profile Keycaps Keyset Thick PBT Keysets for Mechanical Keyboard with Key Puller (ONLY KEYCAP) (Red & Black)?

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20th Oct 2021

Anyone know where to find/try to find certain keycaps?

I’m having trouble looking for White keycap modifiers with red centered text. Like any at all let alone matching the profile of other keycaps.

I’m also looking for Red keycap alphas with either gold/yellow or white centered text.

The only one that ticks all the boxes are SA Berserk, but I am not sure about the SA profile for typing and gaming.

For alphas, SA Sunday Morning Maroon, and eyeing the KAT Explosion for extras.

If I ignore the centered text requirement, I’ve only found GMK burgundy, red samurai, photosphere, jamon, and DORUOD 104 Keys for red keycaps.

No clue on white keycaps with red text. So far only mainly looked for SA, DSA, KAT and Cherry profile keycaps, I am clueless if there are other profiles which may have the kind of keycaps I’m looking for. Also clueless if any of them can be matched together? I’ve only recently brought my 2nd keycap set(shipping rn) and it’s KAT BOW to see if I like KAT profile, other than that it’s been OEM keycaps from Filco and Cherry profile red velvet.