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9th Oct 2021

Hey, take a breath. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with this. I don’t have misophonia, but my daughter has developed it over the last few months, so we’re learning as we go.

The first thing I’d advise is to get some noise-cancelling headphones. My daughter is also triggered by eating sounds, and she wears her headphones and listens to brown noise at mealtimes. She says that drowns out the eating sounds better than other types of noise, plus we can still have a regular conversation, we just need to speak a little louder.

I don’t know if night time or sleeping noises bother you, but if so, then I’d also suggest getting sleepphones. These are headbands with flat speakers in them, made to be worn while you sleep. I use them every night to listen to a podcast to go to sleep. They aren’t noise cancelling, but they still might help.

My daughter uses these headphones.

I use these sleepphones.

My son uses these earplugs when we go to concerts.

I don’t know if you’ve researched misophonia, but here’s a site that might have some helpful information, and you can always check the list of resources in the right-hand column on this page.

Another thing we’ve found is that misophonia seems to be tied to anxiety and stress. I don’t know if you have any of those issues, but if so, perhaps you can speak to a nurse or other health care provider. At least, maybe you could look into trying some mediation or other calming techniques.

Good luck.

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8th Oct 2021

My daughter (13yo) uses these headphones. She takes them to school and uses them occasionally without actually putting any sound through them. She also uses brown noise to drown out her trigger noises (>!eating sounds!<). She says it works better than white noise.

I’ve also seen people on this subreddit discuss these loop earbuds.

I don’t know if these would help, but my son uses these ear plugs, or similar ones, when we go to concerts.

Good luck, I hope you find something. And congratulations on your job!

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30th Sep 2021

You sound like you fit the symptoms of misophonia, so at least take a breath and realize/remind yourself that you are not a bad person — you have a condition.

Here’s another site that has some more information.

More specifically, here’s a page at that site with some thoughts on coping/managing.

My daughter (13yo) started exhibiting similar symptoms earlier this year. Here’s what we’ve done, and I hope some of it helps you.

Since she is mostly triggered by meal-related sounds (>!chewing, utensils scraping!<), we tried to eliminate or reduce those. I purchased plates and utensils made of wheat-straw to get rid of the sounds.

Next, she wears noise-canceling headphonesand listens to brown noise during meals. She says this drowns out our sounds better than white noise or music, and it also lets us have a pretty normal meal with her. We can have a conversation, just need to raise our voices a bit.

I really, really recommend you try for some headphones, or at least the brown noise. That seems to be a big help to her. We learned that there’s a “rainbow” of noise — pink, purple, I think gray, and maybe more. You should experiment and see what works for you.

I’d also recommend sleepphones — headphones that are flat speakers in a headband, made so that you can listen while you sleep. Here are the ones I use (although I don’t have misophonia). These aren’t noise-canceling but it might be more comfortable to wear in your room, or at least a change from regular headphones or earbuds.

That was accommodation, and now we’re working on coping. We took her to an ENT just to eliminate any physical problems.The ENT recommended a therapist. You say you’re at school, so you might not be able to get to an ENT, but you should talk to someone at the student health center to get started.

It’s true that misophonia is not an official diagnosis; our ENT gave us a diagnosis of hyperacusis so that we had something to work with for my daughter’s school. I don’t know that you can get the same, but it might be worth talking to someone. This allowed us to work up a plan with her guidance counselor, for example.

It also seems that misophonia is tied to anxiety/stress. Whether one causes the other or they are simply more likely to happen together, I don’t know. With my daughter, I can see it — if her stress level goes up, she is bothered by more noises, sometimes including breathing. With that in mind, we found a therapist for her who is going to pursue cognitive behavioral therapy. I’m hoping that dealing with the anxiety may help reduce the misophonia.

Good luck, I hope you get some relief.

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19th Sep 2021

Not earbuds, but my daughter uses these headphones.

My son uses these earplugs when we go to concerts.

I’ve seen people on this forum mention loop earbuds, not sure how well they work but some seem to like them.

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11th Sep 2021

These are the headphones she uses. They seem comfortable, and hold a charge for a long time. She gets the brown noise from YouTube I think, but there are apps as well.

I use these sleepphones myself at night, because I listen to a podcast to go to sleep. They aren’t noise canceling, but they do fit snugly and are comfortable. I wanted to put these here in case you were looking for something to help block noise while you sleep. These are basically a headband with flat speakers in them. There are various brands, but this one seems good, and isn’t expensive.

Good luck!