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Doomhammer Choc 96 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – True RGB Backlit, Hot Swappable Key switches, NKRO (Brown Switches (RGB), Black)?

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29th Oct 2019

Also check out this 96 key version:


I’ve been wanting to buy it just for the layout, which is really hard to find, but don’t needa another keyboard really. Also hotswappable, normal price was $59 on Amazon for a long time, recently dropped to $39 for red and blue switch and $48 for brown.

If anyone can recommend any other short ~96 key kbs with a numpad, that would be cool.

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18th Jan 2020

I introduce a second third option: the 96key. Full-size functionality, just slightly larger than TKL footprint. There’s a bunch of custom boards out there, I myself have a Kira96 from InputClub and Konostore, and I have (had but was stolen from my car in my backpack wolo) this cheapo amazon cloneboard, the Choc 96. This board sounded like shit when I got it, tbf, but a few hours worth of modding and a new cap set and it was one of my best sounding boards, used it for work.

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14th Jul 2019

This “Doomhammer” board on Amazon is cheap: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P976ZZ2/?coliid=I3MN2X7AD75CPN&colid=3J6S45OX39V4&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


No idea of the quality, but it’s hot swappable!