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Domikey hhkb abs doubleshot keycap Set 1980s 80s hhkb Profile for topre stem Mechanical Keyboard HHKB Professional pro 2 bt (Domi 1980s Set)?

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22nd Jul 2020

Hello, thanks for a thorough explanation, I appreciate it as much as I’m sure any other newbie to the subject who visits here will.

It sounds like I’d agree with you: it’s just not worth the trouble to convert to cherry if the price to pay is a less stable typing experience but also the pita and risk factor of going full dyi with a pitch-perfect, high-end £300 keyboard.

On your last point – I did, I actually went through ali express, amazon in few different coutries (I’m in the UK) and few other smaller shops but I had only managed to find two or three super basic topre sets, with only ONE looking decent, at best:




I wander if my ‘topre keycaps’ search queries are correct? Any alternative keywords to try? It seems like there’s literally nothing out there. Would you advice with some links if not too much trouble?