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Dollox Headrest Pillow for Car Seat, Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow for Neck Pain Relief – U-Shaped Ergonomic Design Soft Travel Pillow for Sleeping and Resting in Car and Office?

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5th May 2021

Yeah, I’m in California. Thanks for the info about it pushing the head forward though. I was actually thinking of getting one since I couldn’t find anything else, but since my son is probably much smaller than your wife the problem would probably be much worse.

There actually is one other one but it’s more like one of those neck pillows that attaches to the headrest and my son hates neck pillows (I already tried a neck pillow). Neck pillows in general are so big compared to his head and it wraps so tightly he feels claustrophobic in it. But it may work for your wife. I haven’t tried this particular pillow.