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Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 2500IU with Vitashine D3, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free, Regulates Immune Function, Supports Healthy Bones, 60 Count?

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29th May 2021

I also had a severe deficiency, I simply ordered vegan vitamin D3 off Amazon and take 10,000IU a day. This is the one I use. I wasn’t prescribed any (had to buy my own) the doctor simply told me to take some, and my condition improved when I did, so I know it’s effective.

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5th Oct 2021

Nearly everyone is vitamin D deficient. Especially with COVID being what it is.

I tested as pretty badly deficient even before I cut meat out of my diet. I started with Vegan d3 2500IU and it raised my levels about 3 points, but I was still defficient. I switched to Vegetarian A D K 5000IU because of the relationship between metabolizing vitamin D with A and K. This further improved my levels by another few points, but I was still low. I am now taking a prescription strength 50,000IU. We’ll see how that has done next month. It’s important to remember that vitamin D is fat soluble and must be taken with food. Preferably food with a decent amount of fat.

It looks like you need more fat in your diet in general with the HDL issue. Add in more olive oil, nuts, beans, etc.

You can absolutely get all of your dietary needs met on a vegan diet, but it depends entirely on your specific eating habits. If you don’t eat the kinds of foods that you need to when you have such an exclusionary diet, you may have to expand your diet to include dairy and/or eggs.

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26th Sep 2021

I have a vitamin D deficiency. I tried two separate OTC supplements before my doctor eventually put me on prescription level.

The first is this one: Vegan D3

The second I started because the first wasn’t doing well enough for me. It’s a vegetarian combination A D K because these vitamins interact with each other.

Whatever you get, remember that vitamin D is fat soluble. You need to take it with food that has a decent amount of fat in it, or you don’t actually metabolize it.

Both of these helped raised my D levels, but not enough.

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5th Nov 2019

First note that when reading recommendations about blood values note that there are two common measurements, nmol/L and ng/mL. nmol/L is simply 2.5x the ng/mL value so you can do the math to convert between them depending on which source you are reading.

5000 IU is definitely safe although you could just take it every-other-day instead of every day. This RCT found 2000 IU to reach 100 nmol/L (40 ng/mL) and this meta-analysis suggests 4000+ IU to reach 86 nmol/L (34 ng/mL).

Examine has a good page on vitamin D research but the TL;DR is that the required dietary intakes are somewhere between 1000-8000 IU depending on sun exposure, age, weight, latitude, and time of year. Note that supplemental D absorption will also increase if taken with a source of fat instead of on an empty stomach.

Doctors Best has a good 2500 IU vegan option while Naturelo has 2500 and 5000 IU vegan options.

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5th May 2017