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DIY GHK Copper Peptide Solution GHK-Cu Serum Boost?

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4th Feb 2018

I’ve noticed this happening after my profligate use of just about every nootropic ever, but I managed to stop it.

The trick was GHK-Cu. You can buy cosmetics-grade GHK-Cu on Amazon and I’ve been adding it to a thinning-hair conditioner (I use Andalou Naturals). It’s pretty easy–just measure out 100mL into a reusable container and put 2mL of the solution in and stir well. I found that the optimal regimen was to use it every other day–get it on your fingertips and, starting at the hairline, push your fingers through the base of your freshly-shampooed hair along your scalp and massage it in at the beginning of the shower, leave it in while you do everything else, and wash it out at the end. Just me sure to rinse well, scrub along the grain of your hair (rub your fingers up and down along the directional orientation your hair grows) and make sure it’s all out, because it can itch and burn if any is left on your scalp.

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6th Mar 2018

Look into GHK-Cu.

I add it to Andalou Naturals Thinning Hair Conditioner (2ml per 100ml conditioner) and use it every other day. It’s been working great.

Also, when you wash your scalp, rub with the grain of you hair, not sideways, and be very gentle drying it–just let it form into locks and then dry on it’s own. This will allow your natural oils to distribute through it better and also keep individual strands from getting caught and pulled.

Also, minimize stress in your life. Experiment with yoga, meditation and exercise, if you haven’t. The stress isn’t worth it anyway

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29th Dec 2017

Your testosterone levels may have gotten too high. More T means more DHT, which means more balding. I would recommend looking into topical GHK-Cu. You can buy it on Amazon and add it to the conditioner of your choice.

I’m getting close to 30 and have started losing hair, too. I’ve been using Andalou Natural’s Argan stem cell conditioner with the added GHK-Cu, and along with conscious efforts to reduce stress and regular exercise, it’s been helping. I found that using the GHK-Cu every other day was better than using it daily, but only if I also washed by hair with just shampoo on the off days, as well. I have naturally oily skin, though, so that may be why my hair can stand up to so much washing.

You may just need to be patient, though. How old are you? Your body may simply return to homeostasis on its own, as long as you don’t get too freaked out about it. Stress can do terrible things for hair.