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Divoom Voombox Travel Outdoor Water Resistant Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Microphone for Android Devices – Retail Packaging – Blue?

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29th May 2016

I personally use one of these and have recommended them to many friends. Sound quality is surprisingly good for a wireless speaker under $30, and I actually use it around my apartment if I don’t feel like wearing headphones. Not as good as your Bose Sound link Mini (I sell those at the electronics store where I work), but better than many products I see that sell for $50-80. Loses some of it’s bass when not sitting on a flat surface, but still more than adequate for using on the course. Build quality is very solid, and water resistance is a nice plus. You can drop another $20 for the water proof version, but mine has been dragged through mud and sat in the rain and sounds just as good as the day I first got it last summer. Robust little unit can take a beating. Battery life for me has been around 6 hours depending on volume. The circular carabiner is a bit crap, and the speaker vibrates around on tables and counters when the volume is cranked up, but it sounds great.

Just make sure you’re respectful and don’t blast your music all over the course if it’s crowded. I’ll only use mine if I’m the only person on the course (which happens often, local course isn’t too busy when I play) or am playing with a casual round with a group of friends who ask me to use it (again, when nobody else is on the course).