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DisplayPort KVM Switch 2 Port 4K 60Hz USB and DP Switch for 2 Computers Share Keyboard Mouse Printer Monitor for Laptop,PC,Xbox HDTV, with 2X USB Cable,1x Switch Button Cable,1x Power Cable?

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7th Jan 2022

This one works great for me.

I’m not spending $2000 on a video card, so at max graphics options and the resolution of my monitor, nothing is over 60hz. I’d have to turn the options down to run more than 60hz. The couple games I have that could go over 60hz I just cap at 60, so my card is cooler and quieter. I’ve seen 144hz stuff in the store, it’s a gimmick. Couldn’t see a single difference between it and 60.

Plus all the 144hz monitors looked like crap. Mine does 60, and looks good doing it. I’m not trading quality text rendering for needless refresh rate. I spend far more hours looking at Visual Studio than some game.

what about this one?

the usb type b cable is type b on one side and type a on the other.

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22nd Mar 2022

Probably not what you are after as it only supports 1 monitor but I went with this one and I can do 4K for gaming or 4k from work laptop at 60Hz.


The three things I learned doing it were:

1) that you should count the cables you think you need properly as it is infuriating to be 1 Display Port cable short

2) Make sure the cables support the bandwidth you need for 4K

3) if you have fancy peripherals like gaming mice or Corsair K95 keyboard, the best thing to do with them is to plug them into a powered USB hub, and then plug that into the KVM switch. I found that tip on the Corsair forums I think after I was having issues with mine.

I also remember reading something about the monitors resizing and apps not staying where they were and how that was a Windows issue that Microsoft were planning to try and do something about….


Dunno if it ever came to much though. Mine still resize, but then my work laptop my not be so current.

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13th Dec 2021

I use this one with two macs.