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Digital Alarm Clock, with Wooden Electronic LED Time Display, 3 Alarm Settings, Humidity & Temperature Detect, Wood Made Electric Clocks for Bedroom, Bedside… (Brown)?

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27th Oct 2021

Yes, the technology exists! There’s a particular vendor that was at a trade show showing this off a couple years ago, they had a really good turnkey system for doing crispy LED pass-through with touch sensing on opaque plastic finishes, and unfortunately I can’t find the name or the link haha! It’s on Youtube SOMEWHERE! lol. The basic technique itself is called “dead fronting”:

An overview of the basic ambient-light cutouts is demonstrated in this vdieo:

It’s so common these days that you can even buy it in wood products:

There’s an interesting video on using veneer with an alarm clock for a nifty DIY alarm clock:

On a tangent, the touch-sensing technology has gotten crazy advanced over the last few years. This is a video a few years ago by Nanomade:

This basically applies touch sensing to any surface, whether it’s rigid, curved, or flexible, and is capable of being sensitive to touch, force (press/grip/push), temperature, and humidity. These days, we have multi-colored touchscreen surfaces, so it’s possible to do some really crazy stuff with some unique designs!

Do you have a project application in mind? If it’s fixed graphics, then using something like a Cricut vinyl cutter might be good for doing a basic backlit mockup!

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4th Oct 2020

Oooh! So I just bought a desk clock like this last week.