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Digital Alarm Clock – Outlet Powered, No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light, Alarm, Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Red LED Digit Display, Black?

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19th Feb 2020

I’m going to destroy you with a single link to amazon.


Here’s my favorite part


$13 alarm clock, lets read the description

> To power the clock, just plug in the power cord and you are good to go. Pop in two AAA batteries for back up in case of a power outage. During battery back up the screen goes blank but alarm and time settings are retained and the alarm will still sound.

but go on wichyobadself. Tell me about how an alarm clock specifically designed to continue operating during electricity loss is less reliable than a phone that will shut off its alarm clock unexpectedly because it wants you to enter a PIN.

I’m sure I’ll come back to a wall of words trying to explain THAT one.

Because it turns out alarm clocks solved that problem before cellphones even existed.