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12th Nov 2015

When I moved out of my house I sold the exact same stuff for around $600. Unfortunately it looks like you can’t find a deal like that in your area. The price I got stuff for retail was much less than $2000 though. Let me see if I can find it. (Prices may have changed sligthly since I bought it)

Power Rack with Pullup Bar Attached $415 Shipped – Gets you your pull-up bar, bench rack, and squat rack

Floor Mats ~$60 depending on square feet you need

Bar was $135 shipped, but was a good one

Weights I bought bumper plates for about $1.2/lb from a local guy that made them (have to go local/craigslist as the shipping costs on 300lbs would be ridiculous). If you’re in Georgia I can give you a link. For me I bought 4x 45s, 2x 25s, and 4x 10s. This allowed me to go in 20lb increments anywhere from 45 lbs to 315 lbs.

I bought a cheap adjustable bench from one of those second-hand fitness equipment stores for ~$50

I think that comes out to just under $1000. Considering I quit my gym membership of $360/year for six years and resold my equipment later for ~$600 (weights and oly bars don’t go bad) I would say it was a sound investment.