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Dell Tablet Keyboard – Mobile for Venue 11 Pro (5J36C)?

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5th Nov 2015

The venue 11 pro does in fact have a keyboard with an extra battery. There is also a cheaper slim keyboard with no battery for about half the price.

Edit: There are multiple bundles available too. The newest configurations use the intel core M processors, while older variants use i3 and i5. Core M has lower power comsumption and newer integrated graphics though.

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10th Mar 2015

Yeah, I don’t have the keyboard for it, but they sell two types of keyboards for it. Getting the keyboards turns it into a laptop and then you can change it back into a tablet.

Here are the two types:

One with a battery inside the keyboard to add to the power:


Slim keyboard without the battery:


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21st Feb 2015


It has an active digitizer, but it sucks. Unless they’ve seriously updated the firmware and drivers since I last used it. I have one as well, this one is my wife’s (she used it for school one semester and then never really touched it again… it’s been sitting in a drawer for almost a year and I was just going to cannibalize the m.2 ssd). I have the keyboard/battery pack on mine, which turns it into a heavy netbook with a super long battery life. The fan can get pretty noisy when the cpu heats up and super intensive tasks can lock up temporarily. The battery was completely dead so last night it did some initialization tests when going through the bios. Battery health was calculated at 96%, iirc. It passed all hardware tasks and I let it run some memory tests before going to sleep. It handles school stuff fine, web browsing, I played FTL on mine once, but I never really needed a mobile game thing. It has Windows 8.1, mini hdmi port, 1920x1080p screen, one usb 3.0 port, support for an SD card, rear and forward facing cameras. If you have any other questions about it, let me know.

Oh yeah, back is removable, SSD, battery, wireless cards removable. Has room for a sim card, but would require a different wireless card, I believe… or maybe it has room for two. I don’t remember.