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Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard AW768 – AlienFX 16.8M RGB 13 zone-based Lighting – 15 programmable macro key functions, Silver?

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22nd Dec 2020

OK I see:

You use a Happy Hacking Keyboard that does not have any Control keys along the bottom row.

Instead, it has a single Control key where one might usually find a Caps-Lock key.

You then also map the Caps-Lock on your built-in keyboard to Control in order to better-match your external keyboard.

Very clever!

My external keyboard has Control keys on both sides of the bottom row.

So for me, having a Control key on the Right side of my built-in is better for mapping between the two keyboards.

Having 2 Control keys on the Left side wouldn’t be as useful to me as having one on each side.

TIL some popular keyboard layouts substitute the Caps Lock for Control – Thanks for sharing!