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10th May 2019

It’s used in agility exercises but not as pictured by op. There’s platforms that essentially strap you in 360 where you practice burst like movements such as takeoff running, cutting, and jumping. If you’re concerned with agility you need to understand that agility can improve independently from stability so if training incorrectly then you could be subject to a much higher risk of injury. Exercising with bands can help increase your stability which decreases risk of injury which keeps you practicing harder and improves with time. So directly, yes, indirectly, yes, how you may be considering using them for agility, unlikely. I recommend reading through Delavier’s books to read up more on the subject. They’re anatomy illustration heave and pretty friendly for those not specializing in sports science.


For those interested, I’m linking ONE of Delavier’s books on amazon. He is a very talented and committed author who offers the fitness world something unique, please purchase his books if you can. He’s also a very nice guy and will gladly discuss his books with you but he only speaks French. I have all but maybe 4 of his books and I don’t regret spending the money at all, you’ll be a happier healthier athlete for having read his books or at least referenced them.

Delavier, stretching book

And a link to one of the many many items that use resistance bands to increase performance. This one was honestly new to me.

Mass Suit

This was the gold standard for a considerable amount of time for performance related professional grade equipment but the price was too high and cheaper alternatives with similar results(some improvement) are used now. The Vertimax has its place for sure but the cost and space required are usually too much to ask for.

Vertimax website