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DCM TP160S-CH 6.5″ 100-Watt RMS Bookshelf Speaker Pair (Cherry)?

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30th Aug 2020

Denon S650 refurb $350

DCM TP-160 $149

DCM Center $90

Reviews : https://www.reddit.com/r/BudgetAudiophile/comments/d4oakr/my_new_budget_champ_the_dcm_tp160s/


I’m trying not to gush too much over the DCMs. It’s not just the quality of sound they produce, but the fact that they can be had for this price is just crazy. Yes I still prefer my Ultras, but the 2 share more in common than differences and I had to get a little more nit picky than I wanted to given that I spent literally ten times as much on the Ultras. Where the ultras really shine over the TPs is in mid and lower bass, especially at volume. That’s not to say the TPs won’t get plenty loud without breakup. They hold their own very admirably. The Ultras do it just a little better.

All in all I do find the Ultras to be the overall better speaker, but they don’t blow the TPs out of the water so much as edge them out. I might even prefer the brighter upper mids and treble of the the TP160S while the Ultras really shine with power handling and more muscular sounding mids and bass. The Ultras also seemed to “disappear” just a little bit better too.

Going forward I’ll have no problem whole heartedly suggesting these speakers to anyone on a budget. I think anyone new to this hobby who buys these is going to have a hard time finding a better sounding speaker without spending a lot-lot more. It’s almost not right. Folks’ expectations are gonna be all skewed now, lol. To find a meaningful upgrade from the TPs is not going to be easy to do for under a thousand bucks, imo.

Save for RSL, SVS or HSU Sub $399-$600


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16th Jul 2020

That’d be Decent – Hear the Pioneer Bookshelf Sound Good but some complain about the Center speaker.

if you wanted to spend a lil more $, Bigger and Better 6.5″ speakers





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26th Oct 2019

I prefer the DCM TP160S speakers over the Klipsch that you are looking at — and they are good