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10th Mar 2015

I couldn’t work without. It’s something like this.

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9th Jan 2014

I just started working with lace and I am totally in love. I can’t be bothered with just diagrams alone, it hurts my brain. I am SO much better with written instructions. Once you get the hang of the small strand it’s much easier than you think, especially as many patterns use a larger hook to create “open” designs. I am working with some Knit Picks Shimmer Lace in Eucalyptus, 3 strands held together throughout (which I have done twice now and it really helps you in the beginning to create a bit of a “thicker” lace by holding 2 strands or more together) I am making the Izumi Wrap PATTERN It is so much easier than I thought it would be.

Although, I do have a LAMP which makes working with such tiny lace a MILLION times easier.

You should try giving “Broomstick Lace” a try, it’s really easy and the projects are gorgeous! Crochetcabana.com has great tutorials.