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DALI – Zensor 3 (Walnut)?

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19th Aug 2018

Hey yall, finally put together the funds to buy a first proper system and I just wanted a final look-over by some folk who actually know what they’re talking about to make sure I haven’t made any scrub-assed mistakes or oversights.

Usage: This system will be pretty all over the place insofar as media is concerned. Movies, gaming, dedicated music listening, the gamut.

So, on to the components:

Speakers: Dali Zensor 3

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR676

Wires: Crutchfield 14-gauge

So, I think I’ve got my impedance calculations right with the somewhat oddball 6ohm nominal Zensors and the cable runs I’ll have to do for my space but I may be waaaay off. I’m a total neophyte here.

Otherwise, I’ll likely be adding in a sub and a turntable at some stage but for now just the aforementioned components. Let me know if I’m off the mark or if anyone has a recommendation!

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17th Jul 2017

I’m doing a new desktop audio setup for my MacBook Pro.

Looking at grabbing these speakers along with this tube amp/pre-amp and curious which DAC I would “need” to go with?

The Modi 2 or The Bitfrost

I’ve always heard really good stuff about Shiit and just wanna have an easy sub $1000 setup for sitting at my desk all day (wedding photographer).