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D. Cozy Hysterectomy Pillow Abdominal Surgery Seatbelt Pillows with Pocket Myomectomy Comfort Cushion for Belly Incision Tummy Tuck C-Section Recovery Gifts Women Patients (Cute Flower)?

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30th Mar 2022

The grabber has been amazing for picking up my computer cord from the floor and my phone when I drop it as I’m prone to doing. I’m impressed with how easily I can grab a variety of things.

OP, a few more things I thought of: I got a hysterectomy pillow that you can slip a seatbelt through. You’ll want something between you and a seat belt for quite awhile after surgery. It also has a pouch for ice/heat packs. I use it around the house, too. I also got a good travel pillow for neck support which was really useful the first week.