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Custom Keycaps, XDA Profile PBT Keycaps, Japanese Ukiyo-e Coral Sea Style Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards, Full 108 Key Set with Key Puller (Coral Sea)?

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30th Apr 2021

I have the same ones. here’s the link for Amazon theres tons of them. I love them!

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29th Sep 2021

I need some recs for a keyboard kit or keyboard that is anything and including a 65% and a 75% and has a hotswappable PCB. I don’t need switches as I have those already ready.

I have keycaps in mind but would love some suggestions on that as well, looking for something similar to these! , but with no red accents, mainly ocean themed.

Budget is around 120-130$ but if there is something worth getting that is a bit more expensive I could push it and that budget is only for the keyboard/kit.

Thank you!

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5th Sep 2021

would these be compatible with an RK68? Also, are there any other XDA key cap sets that are compatible with the RK68?

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29th Apr 2021

I think I found it Here