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8th Aug 2021

Practicing yoga/kinestretch regularly has helped a ton (2-3 classes a week). I also do float tank meditation and get trigger point/myofascial release massages monthly. I recently just bought a neck pillow from my massage place and it’s awesome. It gives the cervical spine a bit of traction and has really helped. I try to lay on it for a while each day. I also have a couple different firmness foam rollers and Davinci tools to work out knots and help massage fascia.

Our body is very adaptable to how we use and load it. When I don’t do my yoga/kinestretch, when I’m not using my foam roller and other tools, my body doesn’t do well. My brain is stuck in hyper vigilance and takes over my body causing all these physical issues in my upper back and neck from “bracing for abuse” all the time. My body expects to be abused so it tenses up in anticipation for it. It takes a long time to undo that expectation. And when my body is tight it creates a negative feedback loop. My body is tense, so my brain gets more hyper vigilant. It takes regular practice to break the loop and help my body feel safe.

When I physically release muscle tension, my anxiety lessens alongside it. I have to do something for my body every day. It’s the only way to rewire my brain and body for more optimal functioning.