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Cuisinart Chef’s Anodized 8-Piece Cookware Set?

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15th Jul 2017

I bought a set of Cuisinart that includes 3 skillets, 3 pots and a pasta-pot with strainer insert and lids for everything. This is WAY more than you will probably need until you start a family.

The handles are broken into a “Y” shape to reduce heat moving up the handles.

Here is an 8 piece set that includes pots, a pasta pot and a skillet. I might add 1 more skillet to make a very great set:


The Amazon page lets you select from 7 pieces to 17 pieces. But I really like the 8 piece set for $80 because of the non-stick pasta pot in this set as spaghetti and lasagna will be things you should learn to cook.