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Cruelty-Free and Paraben-Free Papaya Powder Face Cleanser For Gentle Cleansing and Brightening For All Skin Types by Hanalei – Full Size (60g)?

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3rd May 2021

I have been using Hanalei Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and enjoy it very much. I wet my hands, add about a dime sized amount of powder to my hands, rub together until it it’s foamy and then apply to my face as usual.

This cleared up maskne for me, left my skin feeling clean but not overdry (I have combination skin) and while I do use AHA (The Ordinary glycolic) on an every other week basis, I felt this cleanser also gently helped with skin turnover.

The bottle lasts a really long time, so while it’s not cheap ($20 for the full size), it’s a great value. I have used it at about 3x a week since March last year and it’s not empty yet.

The link I gave is to Hanalei’s Amazon site (which I confirmed with the company is really theirs) because their site is actually sold out of the bottle though you can get the travel packets for $15. I have also signed up for emails from the company site as they sometimes have 50% site wide. I purchased 3 more bottles at half price that way.

(side note: I am a huge fan of their stick and tube lip balms as well)