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Crucial X6 500GB Portable SSD – Up to 540MB/s – USB 3.2 – External Solid State Drive, USB-C – CT500X6SSD9?

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22nd Jun 2021

There was a crucial or maybe a Samsung posted way earlier. It’s was ssd 500gb I don’t recall the interface. I think it was priced $50-$60. It’s in this thread somewhere. I replied to it.

Edit: there it is. $43 something about that.


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21st Jun 2021


It’s for my stepdad I don’t want to bother with assembling it and giving it to him.

Saw this and just went for it:

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12th Jan 2022

I totally agree with you and got this about a year ago. It works perfectly.

Crucial X6 500GB Portable SSD


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27th Dec 2021

I’ll just suggest the M1 MBA from Apple: https://www.apple.com/us-edu/shop/buy-mac/macbook-air. That’s an Apple Education store link so seeing that she’s a teaching major in college, she would probably qualify for the $100 discount (though you would have to check with Apple sales to confirm it)

It’s kind of hard to say how long it will be supported, though if Apple’s software support for macOS Monterey (the latest OS) is anything to go buy, I would say at least 2-3 years though this is a “first-gen” product.

My suggestion is that she gets it and tries it out. Apple has a 14 -day return policy (or until 1/8 I think since its holiday return policy, whichever is later I think.) So, if she doesn’t like it, or that it’s not powerful enough (which I doubt, it’s a pretty powerful machine), she can return it and get a different one.

8GBs of RAM should be enough, also 16GBs will put you over budget by $80. Do note that you will not be able to upgrade RAM, what you buy is what you’re stuck with. As for storage, 256GBs is fine. If you need more storage, I suggest something like this: Crucial X6 500GB Ext. SSD USB-C. It’s an external drive, so you would have to carry it around and a cable. Speaking of cables, ports. you get 2 USB-C, thunderbolt capable ports, meaning it supports data, video, and charging through those ports. What I suggest is getting a dock/hub something like this Anker one, I haven’t used it, so no clue if it works, but something like this were it takes the two USB-C ports and splits it out into more different types of ports. Not necessary if the two USB-C ports are enough for her.

Battery life: based on what I’ve heard, it’s great, though I suspect that its more to do with what apps you’re using. If it’s a lot of web-based stuff, I think it’ll probably have great battery life, but at the end of the day, best thing to do it buy it and use it to see if it’s a good fit for her workflow.

One thing you are going to not have, is a touchscreen, so yea.

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3rd Dec 2021


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Crucial X6 500GB Portable SSD – Up to 540MB/s – USB 3.2 – External Solid State Drive, USB-C – CT500X6SSD9