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Creative Sound Blaster EVO Entertainment Headset with Bluetooth Mobile Wireless?

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24th Oct 2015

Fair point. For reference I’m using the Hyper X headphones on my main rig and they’re pretty outstanding (to me). So, with all that, my biggest request is practicality. I don’t want to have to switch controllers/jacks/whatever when I want to use my Xbone or Alpha, I just want to fire up whichever I’m using and have the headphones work. I don’t want 2 pairs of cans laying around.

I’ve gathered that the Skullcandys may work. I see there are Creative headphones that may work, but it sounds like the USB plug is wired, not wireless.

Are there any headphones that I can plug in the 3.5mm to my Xbone and when the Xbone isn’t on, the headphones will talk to a wireless USB receiver in the Alpha? I don’t have an Xbone controller adapter for the Alpha, just a 360 adapter, which I prefer anyway.

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13th Feb 2019

These headphones are $33 on Amazon, with mixed reviews. One of them mentions this being worth it for their alleged $15 at the time.

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25th Oct 2015

you should edit your amazon links to not have referral ids as the spam filter blocks your comments.

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