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Creative Sbs A335 2.1 Multimedia Speaker?

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21st May 2016

Thank you so much for the reply! I am genuinely sorry for such a late response; was busy with some work at my office.

> For instance, most GPUs now will completely overload your original CPU …

Thanks for the hint about (my current CPU) + (new dGPU) config. I completely understand now and upgrading my current desktop isn’t going to lead anywhere and I have put the thought of upgrading my current desktop away for now!

> Do you plan to upgrade within the next couple years again?

I do see chances that I may put more RAM someday soon. I basically don’t wish to get stuck in a situation that I currently am (still in DDR2 era, these RAMs are very expensive and rare now).

> … the older harder to find DDR3 parts will go up in price as people know that some will pay a premium.

Completely agree with you on that.

As far as GPU is considered, I am actually ready to wait a little more! (And in that case I’ll have to delay my entire PC build till the day I buy my dGPU, as I happen to see Xeon’s as better options than Core i processors).

Optical drive, yes, to be frank, I can choose not buy it at the moment and divert that amount somewhere else. I do have an old DVD reader sitting somewhere on the shelf which I will try out!

My TV only supports up to 60Hz and yes, the response time is indeed not that great. I have quite often worked with 120Hz and 144Hz monitors at my workplace and so I know how beautiful they look and feel! Aaaand now I find myself hunting for a VFM 120Hz/144Hz monitor for myself, which I never did, due to their cost and availability, especially in my country!

> If you plan to do a lot of it [CAD, etc], beef up the CPU more (Although the one suggested up top is great choice)

Hmmm! I wonder how I was ever thinking of settling on an i3 back in some days!

> If you truly want to mess with audio, you may want to invest in a sound card.

Welp, ~86USD for the same card in my country. I would LOVE to buy it someday, but for now, I believe I’ll have to pass. But think I get it: a dedicated hardware which does only one job, the best as possible. Especially as it says “Creative” on it, it lures me further as I’m a proud owner of two sets of Creative SBS a335, one set of SBS a370 fit in my car and one Inspire M4500 (ahem!) 4.1 speaker set connected to my old TV! Someday!

> If you have any questions, lemme know.

Xeon vs i7. I have yet to investigate in this, but as /u/taylortob suggested and as I agree, the iGPU is going sit idle if I put a dGPU. Are Xeon processors a better deal in that case? Again, I might need to check with the price and availability of the same. But in general, what your thoughts about Xeon’s?