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Creative Labs E-MU 1212M PCI Digital Audio System?

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7th Dec 2017

Hello, I am looking for a desktop amp to pair with an e-mu 1212

Budget ~ 100-220 usd

Source ~ PC / hd6xx

Preferred music ~ Metal / classical / drum n bass

Location ~ Hawaii. Currently I am in Japan staying in the akihabara area for a few more days, and I was thinking about buying something from Yodobashi. If there are any redditors in the area that are free to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated since I speak very little Japanese.

Extra information ~ I am Abit lost when it comes to buying amps and dacs. The e-mu dac is from a friend who is letting me borrow it till I can afford to buy something similar for myself. Im using a pair of hd6xx’ with them currently. I apologize in advanced for the poor formating as I am on mobile