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Creative Inspire T6300 51MF4115AA002 5.1 Channel 22 Watt Subwoofer Speaker System?

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8th Mar 2016

or, I could do a clever thing and Use the X-FI Titanium soundcard, which provides 3 Audio Jack outputs for 5.1 and one SPDIF out- and one Input. I stopped using onboard sound since I bought the recon3D, and never want to go back.

Now I was looking around. Since I´m a little Creative Labs fanboy, I looked for the same speakers my gaming PC uses, the Creative Inspire T3300 2.1 PC Speakers. There´s a 5.1 version of those, the Creative Inspire T6300 5.1, which are literally the same like the T3300 except 3 boxes and 2 cables more.

Would this work for a cinematic feeling? The T3300 have a great quality, and They aren´t that expensive.

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10th Jul 2016

The & Speakers are both around $75 by themselves but are $110 when bought together from Creative’s Site.

Speakers on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Inspire-Multimedia-Speaker-System/dp/B009T9YU4K

Soundcard on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Blaster-Performance-Headphone-Forming-Microphone/dp/B009ISU33E

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18th Dec 2018