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Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology?

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15th Oct 2018

I believe they’re these Creative speakers. I found them dirt cheap at Microcenter a few years back. They’re fine and simple to set up. They get plenty loud, and seem clear with a decent range, but I’m not really an audiophile.

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22nd May 2017

Very helpful. Thanks for the detailed reply!



>Ceiling speakers dont typically have great low end, if that’s your hope you may want to readjust your expectations.

I only want the “low end” of $50 Dell computer speakers. I was comparing my desired low end amount to the “low end” of the portable waterproof speakers (& shower heads with built-in speakers) that I’ve tried. I do not expect the ceiling speakers to be anywhere near HS80Ms, haha.

I do have a minimum threshold of audio quality that I need in order for me to enjoy music. But, it’s not very high. For example, I cannot enjoy music that comes out of the built-in speakers of a laptop or smartphone. That “tinny” quality just sounds abrasive, and ruins the music IMO.

I do not consider myself an “audiophile.” I think of an audiophile as someone who spends $1000 on a stereo system and is still unhappy. Or someone who complains about 256 kbps MP3s. I am 100% content with Dell computer speakers.

That said, do you think that ceiling speakers (or in-wall speakers) would have as much low end as computer speakers (e.g., speakers like this)?



> Without seeing the room, i can safely speculate that 2 speakers over the shower and two over the vanity is too much.

I should’ve provided this info originally:

  • The dimensions of the main bathroom (the room that only contains a double vanity) are 72” x 102” w/ 8′ ceiling.

  • The dimensions of the mini-room-within-the-bathroom (the room that only contains a bathtub-shower & toilet) are 73” x 59” w/ 7′ ceiling. (45% of the room is occupied by the tub-shower.)

I was really hoping for a stereo sound and “feel.” But, if you think that two speakers (spaced maybe 5′ apart) in the ceiling of each room is too much, then I will take your advice and only use one speaker in each room.

What size in-ceiling speaker do you recommend that I install, for reproducing low end?



>For the amp, you dont want to put an amp in the bathroom. Moisture is bad news. This is why you can’t find any amps that fit your criteria.

I, again, forgot to mention important details.

I was planning on putting the in-wall amplifier in the “main” bathroom (i.e., the bathroom that does not contain the tub-shower). The in-wall amplifier would also be on the wall farthest from the tub-shower in the mini-room.

So, the in-wall amplifier will not really be exposed to any moisture. (This is where having a tub-shower in its own room pays off.)

Do you think that it is okay if I use a non-moisture-resistant in-wall amplifier (i.e., a standard in-wall amplifier) in this location (since the amplifier will not be anywhere near a shower)?



> Bluetooth is far more prone to drop outs, has less range and compresses the audio more, although it has gotten a heck of a lot better than it used to be.

My computer (which is what I want to send audio to the amplifier) will always be no more than 14 ft from the in-wall amplifier at all times. (The computer is located in a room that is connected to, and immediately adjacent to, the main Jack-and-Jill bathroom.)

Do you think that for a pretty short distance like this, that I am safe to use Bluetooth (without incurring drop-outs)?

I don’t mind some compression; I’m probably not as sensitive to this as most people who want audio systems installed.



Thank you for all your help.