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CRAFTOXO Queen Matressess Protector – 100% Waterproof, Washable, Noiseless & Breathable Mattress Pad, Deep Pocket, Vinyl Free Mattress Topper- Mattress Cover?

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5th Jun 2021

Gotta have a mattress protector.

They’re cheap, you wont notice them and they are fluid proof. my husband has nose bleeds and we have small kids, and the bright white mattress we bought years ago still looks new.

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27th Jul 2021

They make some decent mattress protectors you can get at Amazon or even Target, it just slips on the mattress like a fitted sheet, then you put your fitted sheet over that. I would get something that has like a thin layer of terrycloth on the top of it.

You could also look into a bedfan to help your girlfriend out, there a little pricey at $185 but could help her out. I dont have one but I hear good things about them and there durability. Others can chime in if they have experience with it.


Mattress protector (You can choose one that fits your budget, just search for “mattress protector”)