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Cozynight Full Size 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Breathable, Noiseless, Mattress Cover, Fitted 10″-18″ Deep Pocket Bed Cover – Vinyl Free?

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18th Jun 2020

T5 para here 15 years of dealing with this lol this is what I do

I have at least a few of these, prolly more like 4 or 5. I do not know if it’s this exact brand. I’ve bought different ones and some do work better than others. I have had it go thru them before. till I went to like three layers of protection lol.


Always keep one of these on your bed.

Then put something like one of these underneath you at night.




And then I use a fluffy bath towel. fold it up and put it in front of me where I would leak. I’m a side sleeper so how you sleep would make a difference. I suppose also your gender.

I still most of the time have my alarm set for 4hrs after I go to bed…. but sometimes it’s nice to be able to sleep 8hrs straight. This way most the time I just have to wash the towel if I don’t cath in time . Maybe the under pad.

I only linked it thru Amazon cuz it was easy. You can get it elsewhere.