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Cow Brand No Additives Moisture Face Wash?

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13th Nov 2020

Curel Moisture Cream. Or the specific Facial Cream one, but honestly, the ingredients are very similar, so I opt for the ¥1500 one over the ¥2300 one.
I’d recommend checking out Matsuyama’s offerings, too, if you are looking for some lighter layers instead. Basic, pretty clean ingredients, affordable, gentle.
Lock in your moisturizers at night with a thin layer of straight up vaseline, or if you’re sensitive to mineral oil, pick a facial oil like rosehip or squalane.
Also, make sure your cleansers aren’t too stripping for winter, which can exasperate a weakened skin barrier. Cow has a nice, affordable one if you’re looking to switch.
Aaaaand lastly, a humidifier should be your BFF in winter.