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COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, 5.07 fl.oz / 150ml | Mild Face Cleanser | Korean Skin Care for Acne Prone Skin, PH Balancing, Anti Acne, Breakouts Treatment?

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11th Aug 2020

COSRX’s Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is a popular cruelty-free option for many skin types! I don’t love recommending things on Amazon but it just so happens to have free shipping and is about $11/15 CAD on Amazon CA.

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19th Feb 2022

I was shocked to see it so inexpensive, the essence was only $12.60 with subscribe and save and I’m excited to try it out. Their storefront has a few more deals including their 150 ml Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser for $8.20.

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19th May 2019

I was doing it nightly. The products I use don’t strip your face or dry it out so it was safe to use daily. In the mornings I would either rinse my face with water or the Cosrx foaming cleanser.

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16th Jul 2018

Really? I was talking about this: https://www.amazon.com/Cosrx-Good-Morning-Cleanser-Ounce/dp/B016NRXO06

Sorry I hadn’t noticed a lot of people found it drying.

Edit: BTW if you do find something that fits the criteria, do let me know if possible. I’d love to try that out.

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24th Mar 2016

We seem to have the same skin type and so far (still in the patch testing phase), I’m having luck with Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser as my second cleanser. I’ve tested 4 or 5 different cleansers before this one and so far so good 🙂

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5th Sep 2016

Product name: Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (Amazon CAN | USA)
Price (range): $8 – $15
Country: Canada
Skin type: Oil-y, acne-prone, hormonal
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Special info: pH is about 3.5, smells like tea tree, a much loved skin cleanser in the AB Community
Experience & opinion: I like the smell, I love that it makes my skin feel so clean and is non-drying (for me), I love that the pH is appropriately low, I’ve had no negative/adverse reactions

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6th Oct 2016

None of us can suggest products for your skin because everyone’s skin is different. I would suggest that you should cease physically exfoliating your face ASAP, because physically exfoliating causes damage and is incompatible with rosacea. See if you can get a prescription for azelaic acid (Finacea) as it is both rosacea medication AND a chemical exfoliant. I have eczema and moderate rosacea on my face and the azelaic acid is working to keep both at bay right now. Mine costs AU$30 and has lasted me over a year.

Are you willing to buy from overseas if the price is right? I’m in Australia and have had amazing improvement with Asian skincare products I buy from eBay and Amazon. Even Cerave is terrible compared to Mizon and Cosrx products. Asian beauty products focus a lot more on hydration and dewy skin, and use multiple layers of moisture to hydrate which is much friendlier towards my rosacea. Vaseline makes my rosacea get much, much worse, so I avoid it.

I’m currently using the following products on my previously-sensitive, dehydrated skin with rosacea and eczema:

  1. Mineral oil cleanse. Wipe on straight mineral oil, gently massage it, then wash off with tepid water. Not using a huge pH cleanser has made the biggest difference in my face. I use COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser ($11) to remove the slight tack left over from the oil if needed.

  2. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence OR COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence ($15ish). Using a hydrating toner like these isn’t really required, but I find it helps.

  3. Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule ($12) (huge bottle, this is about 3 years worth). This has made my skin SO SHINY AND BOUNCY.

  4. Mizon Black Snail AIO Cream ($13) for winter or Mizon Snail Repair AIO Cream ($14) for summer. The black is slightly thicker and more moisturising.

It helps that I keep all of my skincare in the fridge, too. Every morning and night when I put it on it is so cool and anti-inflammatory <3

I have also learned how to cover my rosacea with better, cheaper and less makeup. NYX foundation stick #2 has amazing coverage and matches my rosy pink complexion perfectly.

I had previously spent so much on drug store products. Cerave, Cetaphil, La Roche Posay, Ponds, Bioderma, and many others I forget about, expensive and useless products. Asia is 20 years in front of the AU/US markets in terms of research and development.

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18th Apr 2017

It’s only $9 on Amazon!

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5th Apr 2021

Ahahhhaha I graduate from grad school in August so I 100000% understand! I have combo dry/oily skin. But because of my skin care routine, I really don’t have either tbh.

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16th Oct 2017

Before shipping is $102.92 USD on Amazon:

AM cleansers:
Light morning gel (make sure to wash off last night’s face mask)–CosRx Low PH Good Morning Gel

PM cleansers:
First oil cleanser (important to get off makeup)–The Face Shop Rice Water Light Cleansing Oil for Dry of Oily Skin
Foam cleanser (I would tell them it is all about the double cleanse)NEOGEN Real Fresh Foam
Alcohol-free cleanser–CosRx Centella Water
Spot treatment–The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Patch Spot Kit
Essence–CosRx Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence
Moisturizer–ROSETTE Aqua Ceramide Gel
Sleeping mask–CosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask

To include an active (Vitamin C–MAP):
Replace Spot treatment with Vitamin C

For under $100 USD before shipping on Amazon:

Replace spot treatment with CosRx Acne Pimple Master, the kit includes 24 patches instead of 80

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11th Sep 2020

I had issues with adult acne and COSRX’s Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser makes me look so good now (in addition to a routine with vitamin C and moisturizer).

These patterned terracotta plant pots are super cute and come with a little mesh screen for the drainage hole so dirt can’t fall out. I love them

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22nd Jul 2020

I’m a combination skin type, so depending on your own these might not be best, but at first I used the basics. A cleanser, moisturizer, and a sunscreen.

Cleanser: Cosrx low-pH good morning gel cleanser Great gentle cleanser for everybody getting into skincare.

Moisturizer: The Ordinary Moisturizer Great moisturizer for both novices and professionals alike. Simple and incredibly cheap. Lots of the Ordinary products are effective and cheap.

Sunscreen: Australian Gold SPF 50 Big bottle for small price. Maybe I bit too much for people with more oily skin, but it’s good enough for me. I’m almost done with it and will likely try something else, but this was pretty decent. Leaves no white cast, but is purple as you run it in. Pretty interesting.

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6th Mar 2019

COSRX(Low PH Cleansing Gel)



Its God sent! Super light, cleans the gunk without making skin taut and dry + Has the perfect PH balance which helps maintain healthy skin barrier. You won’t regret this, tried and tested after several cleansers.


Alternatively, you may try Hyda Labo Hyaluronic Cleansing Foam https://www.amazon.ca/Rohto-Gokujyn-Hyaluronic-Cleansing-160ml/dp/B01CE5P580/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3GSC1UQ0J0U4B&amp;keywords=hada+labo+cleanser&amp;qid=1551854964&amp;s=beauty&amp;sprefix=hydra+labo+clean%2Cbeauty%2C146&amp;sr=1-1


Super mild, no drama ingredients and highly reviewed and recommended.


r/AsianBeauty (You can check it there as well, all +++ reviews).


Hope this helps 🙂

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18th Mar 2022

Your skin is fine, just a little irritated and in need of mild exfoliation. It’s the skin equivalent of bad breath, not a bunch of cavities. Derm is great if you can afford it, but I think you can deal with this yourself if not.

Start lurking on /r/skincareaddiction if you want to learn more about it. Don’t get overwhelmed though.

For now, you should use a 2% salicylic acid leave-on (not a cleanser). Keep it simple. Start every other day, overuse will cause MORE acne/irritation. 2% SA is the textbook first thing to try in this situation.

That should help the blackheads over time, and improve the appearance of the sebaceous filaments. If this is right for you, you’ll see improvement in a few weeks. FYI there are basically two classes of acid treatments, oil-soluble and water-soluble. Salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) is basically the only one that works on oil.

Then your next steps would need to be a good cleanser and daily sunscreen.

I find most cleansers suck, not sure why. For now in your position I would use a clean washcloth and lukewarm water and VERY gentle rub your face.

CeraVe and Neutrogena are both considered very safe/reliable drugstore brands to start with.

I also have oily blackhead prone skin, these are what I use:

Good Morning Gel Cleanser or Banilla Clean It Zero, depending on how my skin feels

Sunscreen is in your future as well, but as mentioned, every product is a potential source of irritation. So get your acne and cleansing under control first.

And it’s worth repeating again, go sloooooow. Skin takes time to adjust to stuff, very rarely can you tell if something is working within a few days.

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20th Aug 2021
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5th May 2021

Hello, beauiful! As a South Asian gal (Bengali), I love seeing fellow South Asian beauties post on here. Here’s some advice I’m amassed over 24 years of being a brown beauty junkie. Hopefully, you find some of it helpful.


Skin is moody as fuck and you are not to blame for its changes. Your mom is wrong to make those comments, but that’s South Asian moms for you. They think they’re doing you a favour by tearing you down. Unless your mother is Aishwarya Rai, she’s nobody to break your confidence regarding your looks.

I’m a beauty junky but my greatest addiction and area of knowledge is for sure skincare for brown people. Your acne looks like it’s most cleared up. I’d try a face wash with tea tree oil such as the CosRx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser. Tea tree is super irritating on its own and this brand has perfected the formula IMO. Another unbeatable holy grail for fighting acne is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA. This solution sinks deep into skin and actively fights acne-causing particulates. I’d start with those two products and see if you have any luck.


Of all my traits, my hair is probably what I get the most compliments on. But weirdly enough, I don’t take an insane amount of care over it! South Asians are lucky to often be born with dark, shiny hair, and a lot of it. You’re clearly gifted in this department too because all of the hair that isn’t bleached looks very healthy. I’d pare down your hair routine to nothing outside of shampoo, conditioner, and detangler:

  1. Shampoo: I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo because I’m broke lol, but it honestly works just fine for me. More important than the shampoo I use is how I use it. I always comb my hair before showering so I’m not ripping out chunks when I shampoo/condition. Then, I shampoo onto my scalp and not the length. Shampooing the length dries it out and make sit frizzy, while shampooing the scalp makes the top of my hair more voluminous when it dries. Also, you want to scrub your scalp gently with your nails or fingertips to lift the dead skincells off and wash all around the root of your hair shafts with the shampoo suds.
  2. Conditioner: Again, I cheap out when it comes to conditioner and it hasn’t done me terribly wrong just yet. If you’re down to splurge, Moroccan Oil conditioner has worked a charm for my hair’s silkiness and health in the past. However, again, I find it’s technique > product. I never condition the root because this makes my flat hair even flatter. The opposite of my shampoo technique, I only condition the length. Then, I pile my hair on top of my head and clip in place with a claw clip and let the conditioner sit while I finish washing my body, shaving my legs, etc. I wash the conditioner out at the very end. Hot tip for preventing body acne: wash conditioner out in front of you and far from your body instead of letting it wash down your back.
  3. Detangler: Detangler adds some shine and reduces the frizz. Frizz is also reduced when you aren’t raking through your hair roughly with a comb, and detangler aids with that by making it easier to comb, obviously. I use a super cheap detangler – theL’Oreal Kids Pear Tangle Tamer. In fact, I cheap out even further and use the Shoppers Drug Mart drugstore dupe which is a dollar cheaper lol. It smells subtly of pears, makes my hair shiny, and tames frizz. I only use it on the length of my hair like conditioner because adding smoothing products near my scalp makes my hair appear flat.


You look so much like my friend, and she is a baddie. So when you say you feel you aren’t worth looking in a mirror, it breaks my friggin heart. Because it’s just not true. Not at all. But yes, I know what it’s like to get bored with your looks.

Thankfully, you’re gifted with stunning hair that looks quite easy to style. Next time, opt for a layered cut and ask for lots of face-framing layers. However, note that layers means you’ll lose some length. So you’ll have to make peace with having shorter hair. Just remember, hair grows back! So nothing is a mistake, short of destroying your hair.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to lose too much length, cut it straight as usual but also get some face-framing bangs. During quarantine, I obviously couldn’t get my hair cut and I get bored with letting it grow out long and all one size. So I cut the ends straight like your mom gets yours cut, and I cut some angled bangs at the front that start at eye-level at shortest and earlobe-level at longest. Something like this. I’d link the YouTube vid but apparently /r/beauty doesn’t allow YouTube links in comments so I’m happy to DM you the tutorial that inspired me.


Typical brown girl, you’ve got gorgeous thick dark brows. When you get your brows done, do they thread? And when they do, do they also trim the length with a tiny brow comb + tiny scissors? Trimming the length of brow hairs makes a huge difference in the overall neatness of the brows. Your brow tails look like mine – a little messy. Even if they trim the hair length there, it grows back so fast.

Over numerous COVID lockdowns, I’ve gotten okay at doing my own brows. Not anything fantastic, but enough to feel pretty when the need arises. I use brow pomade to draw on the shape I want and tweeze all the hairs that fall out of those bounds. Then, I brush my brow hairs upwards and hold in place with a tiny comb, and then use tiny scissors to cut the excess length. GO EASY. You can always cut more, but you can never add more on. Lastly, I take a dermaplaning razor (I got like 100 of the Tinkle razors on Amazon for pretty cheap) and carefully shave down from my forehead to the tops of my brows. This sharpens the edges and contributes to a cleaner overall look.


Like I said, I’m a brown beauty junky. Clearly^. So I’m very happy to discuss with you makeup recommendations and tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years that suit our features and skin tone. Here is me wearing a FULL face of makeup. Not to toot my own horn but after 24 years on this Earth, I’ve learned some shit. And I’m so happy to share my findings.

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23rd Dec 2020

I tried something that would last you 2-3 months for $30. Sunscreens would be like $10 per month if you would like to add.

Cleanser – CosRx or CeraVe

Salicylic acid – Stridex

Lotion – CeraVe

Sunscreen – There’s many discussions here so you can search on your own. Just avoid purito since their actual spf is 20-30. Honestly it is not bad as a daily sunscreen for a person that isn’t on tret/accutane.

The ordinary has good stuff, but their salicylic acid products are always out of stock and free shipping minumum is $25.

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11th Apr 2018

To start you need a cleanser and a moisturizer and a sunscreen at a minimum. I recommend the CosRx low pH good morning gel for a cleanser. I’ve never seen it sold in stores. I buy mine on Amazon. The Cerave moisturizers are well liked and can be found just about anywhere. I like Biore watery essence for a sunscreen because it’s matte and doesn’t cause acne and can be worn under makeup but Neutrogena makes a good one that works for most people too. You can add serums for skincare concerns like acne, redness, uneven skin texture/color, or wrinkles but you don’t have to.

Check out /r/asianbeauty too

Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, 5.07 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016NRXO06/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_IUPZAb5QWDYA3

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 16 oz Daily Face and Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001V9SXXU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vWPZAbHME5VM8

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel SPF50+/PA++++ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAX614L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gZPZAb00FRCFG

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Spf 45, 3 Fl. Oz., Pack Of 2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004D2DR0Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TZPZAbP4WQDTV

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11th Apr 2019

Don’t worry, just focus on healing it! I really wanna recommend that you use a low pH cleanser on your back. This was critical for me clearing up my bacne, because it helps maintain the acid mantle on your skin that fights off P. acnes, the acne-causing bacteria, among others. My personal favorite that I have used on both my face and back is from a South Korean brand called CosRX. Their products are used by pretty much EVERYONE in the /r/asianbeauty and /r/skincare communities, so a lot of people can speak for this cleanser’s efficacy. It’s low pH and contains tea tree and a gentle form of salicylic acid. I’ve gone through 4 tubes, easily. Here’s a link to buy on amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Cosrx-Good-Morning-Cleanser-Ounce/dp/B016NRXO06/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2MFRIPG7GPMQL&amp;keywords=cosrx+low+ph+good+morning+gel+cleanser&amp;qid=1555012248&amp;s=gateway&amp;sprefix=cosrx%2Caps%2C210&amp;sr=8-3


If you have any questions, let me know!

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2nd Jun 2019

My cleanser is Good Morning Low-Ph Gel Cleanser, I don’t usually moisturize as it makes my face feel stuffy and more oily than it does, I’ve only recently started using sunscreen and it’s the Biore Watery Essence Sunscreen. I basically use sunscreen as a moisturizer/lotion.

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8th Aug 2018

I haven’t tried this myself (it’s next on my list to try), but I heard really good things about the COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser. Here’s the link on Amazon


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1st Sep 2017

Just started Accutane (Claravis), 60mg/day yesterday, and have changed up my routine recently based on lurking around this sub and r/Accutane. Any general comments/feedback would be much appreciated!

Skin type: Oily for sure, but I am positive it’s about to become dry with the Accutane. In changing up my routine a few weeks ago, I tried to pick products that seemed to work for people with both skin types generally (maybe just with different frequencies of use) so I could use them before and after I finish the course.

Current routine:


Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser to cleanse

Klaris Supple Preparation Facial Toner for toner

Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Multi-Purpose Balm Cream for moisturizer

Sun Bum SPF 30 fPVNM Sunscreen, Original Face Stick — I know it’s not the best, but I live in Portland/Seattle so the need is not as dire as in other places


Lush Ultrabland to remove makeup
Remove makeup

Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser to cleanse

Usually after cleansing I use a mask — I had been using more acne-targeting masks, but since I am switching to sheet masks, which I used to only use occasionally. Right now, I have Benton Snail Bee High content Sheet Mask Pack and Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet, but I also really like Origins Drink Up-Intensive and Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask. When I need spot treatment, I am obsessed with Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Then I go back and do — Klaris Supple Preparation Facial Toner for toner

Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Multi-Purpose Balm Cream for moisturizer

Edit: I used to use (and still have left some) of Lush’s Herbalism. I am not sure I should keep using it on Accutane, since it exfoliates, but any commentary on that would be appreciated!

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19th Sep 2017

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that Automod has removed your comment because it contains Amazon referral links, which we don’t allow in the sub.

Could you please edit the URL so that everything from (and including) “tag=” is removed? That way, the product page will still be visible – but no one can make a profit from the link.

Alternatively, copy these:



If you’ve done that, please reply to this message so I can approve your comment. Thank you!

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9th Jul 2017

> COSRX low ph cleanser

Damn, it’s $17 each CAD for us Canadians 🙁

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29th Jun 2017

Skin Type: Combo, NW15 (Ginger with freckles)

Colorado, US / Climate Type: Steppe (semi-arid)

Top Skin Concern: Dullness/aging/tired looking skin

Current Routine/Products I’m Using:



MASK Once/Week

I’m going to be 30 this year, and I think it’s time to really ramp up my skin care routine. Right now it’s pretty basic, so I’m interested in adding a syrum or another moisturizer that might plump and tighten things up. I also just got a humidifier to use in my room at night. I don’t really have any wrinkles, but I have some faint smile lines that are starting to rear their ugly faces.

Looking for product suggestions 🙂

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4th Apr 2017

Thank you for replying!

Here is everything i’ve picked out (all recommended by the users here in ScA)

Cleanser: Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser 150ml by Cosrx

Exfoliate: Gycolic Lactic AHA/BHA Clarifying Cleanser C2 (150ml Mild Citrus Scent

Spot removal: Naissance Neem Oil 250ml Certified Organic 100% Pure

Moisturiser: Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream 50ml

I got all these todays, and ive just done my first ever routine. Neem oil has a very peculiar smell. Kinda smells like cinnamon and fish combined. Gross but if this is the cost of clear skin, so be it.

So when i apply the cleanser do i wait like a few minutes for it to dry on my face? or do i wash it out? And do i apply neem oil before or after the moisturizer? if i apply it before, should i do it straight after i apply the neem oil (or vice versa)

Thank you for helping a noob!

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23rd Mar 2017

Skin Type: Combination/ Acne-prone | Country/Climate I’m in: Florida | Top Skin Concern: Acne, PIH, Indented Scars, and Oily T-zone

Current Routine/Products I’m Using:


  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash
  • Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid and wait for 20-30 minutes
  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30


  • Kose Softy Mo Facial Cleansing Oil
  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash
  • 0.05% Tretinoin Cream and wait for 20-30 minutes
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

I’ve been thinking about switching my cleanser to the Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser for both day and night. I also wanted to give either the Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion or the Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in one cream a try for both day and night. I believe the Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50 would be a solid choice in sunscreen.

I would greatly appreciate any help with my routine or other product recommendations!

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15th Mar 2017

Just wanted to messaged that all my products arrived! In my package, I got:

  • Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

  • Hadalabo JAPAN Skin Institute Gokujun premium hyaluronic solution

  • Banila Co. – Clean It Zero – Purity

Currently the only one im missing left is a hydrating cleanser, do you know any recommendations?

How would I also approach on the patch testing? Also should I patch test one at a time?

I’m still trying to find a cleanser for the double cleansing, i’m eyeing the recommendations like this and this what do you think?

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24th Oct 2016

I have normal/dehydrated skin with a lot of erythema, and I get papules on my forehead. I struggled with drug store skincare for years and years. In the last few years I have switched to Asian skincare I buy from Amazon/eBay/RoseRoseShop.

Many low pH ABers use COSRX Low pH Cleanser as a starting point because it’s a good product and cheap. I use Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Cleansing Foam because I was lucky enough to pick up a big bag of samples off of eBay, enough to last me years ^____^

Personally, I am currently using the following products. Bold products I absolutely could not live without and will endlessly repurchase.

  • First Cleanser: Mineral Oil (to remove makeup) from iHerb, super cheap.

  • Second Cleanser: Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Cleansing Foam (to remove oil) from eBay.

  • Actives: Finacea a few times a week, all over my face except eyes and lips. Hylamide C25 Booster (vitamin C) every 2-3 days.

  • First Essence: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence OR Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Moist lotion. These products enhance the penetration of the following steps. They are what we would call toner, but they’re not astringent at all.

  • Serum: Shark Sauce from holysnails.com. Lightweight serum with no bullshit. A little expensive at $30 USD for 30ml, but worth it.

  • Ampoule: Shara Shara Honey Bomb ampoule from eBay, expensive and will replace with dupe Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule from amazon. Otherwise in love with the Honey Bomb and will repurchase forever. Seriously, this is my favourite product of all and comes in a HUGE jar.

  • Light Moisturiser: Mizon Snail Repair AIO Cream from Amazon. Only suitable for Summer use, too light otherwise. Might remove from my regimen, maybe. We’ll see after this coming Summer.

  • Light Moisturiser: Mizon Black Snail AIO Cream from Amazon. Heavier version of the above cream. Love <333

  • Final AM Moisturiser COSRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask from Amazon/RoseRoseShop/eBay. This says “overnight” but it’s great under makeup as it is a gel that doesn’t dry sticky. I only use this during the day.

  • Final PM Moisturiser: COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask from Amazon/RoseRoseShop/eBay. This is the rice version of the honey “overnight mask” above. It is a bit heavier and tackier and I use this at night. It “sets” my layers of skincare.

  • AM Sunscreen: Shiseido Senka Mineral Water Gel SPF 50+ PA+++ from Amazon in bulk. HG sunscreen, foreverrrrr.

I slot other moisturisers in or omit steps as needed, depending on how my skin feels that day. I’m currently trying out Joseon Dynasty Cream from Amazon, which many people rave about but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I slot it after the Black Snail AIO Cream but before the COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask.

I also use sheet masks after the Mizon AIO cream step, before the heavier moisturisers step. The sheet mask keeps my skin moist for longer, helping the serum and moisturiser to soak in better.

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14th Sep 2016

The Issue: My face is red all over, dry in certain spots, and oily in my T-Zone. I never used to have a problem with acne until I was about 22 and now I have adult acne. I seem to try new products all the time with the intention of trying one, knowing it works with my skin and sticking to it, but that never seems to be the case, they all react wrong. I picked at my chin a bit, I never used to pick either until one time I picked and a dried weird thing came out, and I know it’s bad but I just can’t leave them be. My pores are getting bigger, I’m starting to get spots that last after it’s healed, my “rosy” cheeks are just busted capillaries… Here’s my face in all of its glory: http://imgur.com/a/GvVFA

I don’t separate from morning and night in my current routine. I was reading up on here that maybe I needed a pH balanced face wash so I started using this: https://www.amazon.com/Cosrx-Good-Morning-Cleanser-150ml/dp/B016NRXO06/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1473821316&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=good+morning+face+wash+ph

Before I was using Acure’s exfoliating scrub but thought I was exfoliating too much so I switched to coconut oil. Coconut oil seemed to work alright, but then when I ran out I switched to fractionated coconut oil because it seemed it would be easier to use a pump in the shower but it doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing covers the red. After this summer I used SPF every day, a Cerave, then I lost it. I got a Mizon BB cream with SPF in it, but the way it attaches to my skin doesn’t look good but I’ve been using it anyway. I use Mizon Snail Repair cream as well. I don’t know if it’s working. I don’t know what to do anymore, it seems like every time I try something new I shouldn’t be trying it but nothing works. Maybe I’m just getting older, but I hate my red skin.

I live in Rapid City, South Dakota.