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COSRX Daily Acne Facial Moisturizer with Birch Sap, 3.38 fl.oz / 100ml, Hydrating moisturizer for all skin types, Korean skincare, Paraben free?

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24th Jul 2018

Seller Mr. RX on Amazon is the official Cosrx reseller. You could try that route. Here’s a link to that product (not an affiliate). If you have time to wait, I’d recommend one of the Korean sellers, like Jolse, BeautyNetKorea, RoseRoseShop, etc.

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6th Mar 2018

Yea I use COSRX on my cheeks, chin, and eye area every morning after my shower. I don’t put any on my T zone out of fear that it’ll make my skin more oily or breakout

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1st May 2018

About the Cosrx toner, it works great as a prep for chemical exfoliation and does have some low concentrations of both AHA and BHA. If you like the idea of using a low concentration more frequently this can be used up to twice a day and it works best when sprayed onto a cotton square. It can also be used as a prep for your usual strength AHA/BHA which you would use as your skin normally tolerates. Gothamista talks about this product in a fair amount of detail in one of her videos, I’ll see if I can find it and link it for you. You do have to be careful with where you purchase this as other ABers have had issues with counterfeit products. Cosrx’s Instagram named Mr.RX as a trusted seller if you are looking to use Amazon. I also understand that most K beauty routines would place chemical exfoliation right after cleansing in the evening (or after a pH adjusted toner after cleansing). If you check out the “About this Item” description, Cosrx has a little routine guide.

As for a lip mask, Nooni Apple Butter Lip Mask is absolutely heavenly, but a bit pricey. I was able to get it at Ulta for ~$19, but there is a lot of product and a little goes a long way.

Edit: found the video! Her description starts at 4:55 and goes till about 5:55. The whole video is worth watching if you’re interested in good products for oily/acne prone skin though.

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2nd Jan 2021

I’ll be happy to share my routine for you to get ideas.

I turn 40 soon and I’ve been told I look much younger. Part of it is most likely genetic, but I’ve also been taking care of my skin since I was in my late teens. I wore sunscreen and limited my sun exposure since I grew up in Southern California. I live in Seattle now and the people I grew up there with have much more fine wrinkles than I do.

I was sold on surgical interventions like Botox and fillers, but haven’t needed to go there yet, and when I do, I have someone I trust; a perk of working in the medical field.

My routine is as follows:


  1. wash my hands, and then a splash of water on my face. That’s it, to retain moisture.

  2. Then this:

  3. Followed by this:

  • sunscreen for face. I use a lot of Asian sunscreen because they are thinner and I like the smell.


  1. Massage and tissue off:

  2. Foaming cleanser:

(I got this at a shop in SoCal on a whim and it has replaced every face wash I’ve tried. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was an Asian grocery store. It’s cheap and keeps my face moisturized without feeling gross. It moisturizes so well that sometimes I just wash with this and put on the Scinic honey ampoule when I’m tired)


  1. Alternate between these two products nightly, applied with cosmetic round exfoliating side:



(I also use these on my neck and “chicken skin” upper arms. It’s been great. Not completely gone, but it improved it a lot)

  1. Wash your hands and wait 30m
  2. Apply CosRX birch lotion from above
  3. Apply Scinic honey ampoule from above.

I put on masks once a week on the weekend, in the evening, after the aha/bha.

Hope that helps! My primary care doctor told me that until she looked at my chart, she thought I was ten years younger. Haha I’ll take it.

Hope that helps. I just know the aha/bha is what we should be using now in late 30s/early 40s. I haven’t had to tweak my routine in 2 years. I got a pimple from stress recently, but it was gone in two days and I can’t even tell I had one.

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15th Apr 2018

Shoot! I just double checked the ingredients on it and it actually contains niacinamide. Sorry! I love niacinamide so I’m usually very aware of which of my products have it, but I forgot about this one.

I haven’t used CosRX "Oil Free" Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap personally (YET), but it’s widely acclaimed as a great lightweight moisturizer by people with wildly different skin types. And I double checked the ingredients–no niacinamide or snail.

Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner has also gotten a lot of good press for its hydrating capabilities. Ingredients do not include snail or niacinamide, and while it’s billed as a toner, it’s really thick. It’s been characterized as giving a sheet mask-y glow without the sheet mask, again by people with wildly different skin types.

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3rd Oct 2017

look in the AB subreddit. Korean/japanese sunscreens are usually <$10, and there are a lot of moisturizers that are cheap/for oily skin too! Like Cosrx or naruko or mizon

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31st Oct 2017

Just about out of my daytime moisturizer! I am trying to be frugal and be on a budget and only buy when I absolutely need to.

Things I want – ability to put moisturizer + sunscreen in the morning before I start the day

What I am thinking –

Lotion choices
Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion
Kikumasamune Sake Skin Lotion High Moisture

SPF on top
Biore Sarasara Aqua Rich GEL SPF50+/PA++++

Is this correct way to do it? I am wanting to try more Korean beauty products and will be working on facewash cleansers next

I am a redhead very fair skin!

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30th Oct 2016

SAME. It’s the worst. There are so many creams I want to try (like the Joseon Dynasty Cream sitting untouched in my cabinet D:) that have those silicones in them. It starts with little whiteheads for me and then the angry cystic bros start to flex. COSRX Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap has worked AMAZING for me, though! Also, check out this Missha sleeping mask. I’m still testing it but it’s nice and smooth and my skin doesn’t seem as tight when I wake up. Don’t get me started on how badly I want to try cushions 🙁