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Corsair Vengeance K95 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry Red (CH-9000020-NA)?

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10th Sep 2015

i have a corsair k95 that i’m looking to get rid of. it has cherry mx reds


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27th Jun 2015

Get a K95

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6th Jun 2014

you can go very overkill with mechanical keyboards, i have spent more than 1500 euros on mechanical keyboards the last 8 years, my experience lately i really like the feel and the look of the Corsair keyboards, they are premium and high quality while looking very sexy, they are also very strong and durable, but be warned.. DONT spill coffee on them, i have tried everything after spilling coffee on them, but they just get ruined.
If you have a 120+ euros/dollars budget go with the K95 or the K70…


they have many many more, if you are under 100 euros/dollars they also have the new raptor keyboards that are pretty freaking sexy..
IF you dont like the look of Corsair for some reason, i also love the Steelseries keyboards, i had two of them they are VERY GOOD. ALSO i highly recommend you stay away from Razor, i never had a good experience with Razor products and their keyboards are not as good as Corsair and Steelseries.
I hope this helped, good luck, and happy gaming

EDIT: i forgot to mention most of the Corsair keyboards have a cherry MX red, those are my favorite because they click, and they are a bit louder than the others, so if you’re not into that try the blacks or the blues.. good luck