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25th May 2016

I’m considering buying a phone mount for my car that seems perfect for my needs, but there’s one problem with it: it’s bright white. I’d much rather have it black or dark grey.

So then I started thinking, I could probably paint this thing. I’d have to watch out for the hinges and buttons of course, disassemble it as much as possible, and tape over anything I don’t want to change color (I like the orange knobs), but with some spray paint and some time, I bet I could pull it off.

What kind of paint would I want to use on this project? I basically have no experience with this sort of thing. Would I need a primer layer (or multiple)? I’m guessing I’d want some sort of plastic-specific paint, but it would also need to go on in thin layers so the moving parts don’t get jammed. And I don’t want it flaking off eventually.

Thanks for your help!